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Alpha UK –– HQ
Alpha International
Brompton Road
Phone +44 (0)2070 520200

Alpha Wales
Cornerstone Church
32 Mynydd Newydd Road

Alpha Scotland
Renfield Centre
260 Bath Street
G2 4JP
Phone 0141 332 0051

Alpha Northern Ireland
c/o Orangefield Presbyterian 
464 Castlereagh Road 
BT5 6BH 

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Trying Alpha

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Typically run over eleven weeks, each session looks at a different question around faith, and the talks are designed to create conversation in small groups afterwards. It’s totally free, it’s run all over the globe, and everyone’s welcome. Hear from those who have given Alpha a try for themselves here.

What happens at Alpha?

Every Alpha is different, but generally they have three things in common: food, a talk and conversation.

Food – Most sessions start with food, because it’s a great way to connect and get to know everyone there.

Talk – The talks explore the basics of the Christian faith and are designed to inspire conversation. Usually around thirty minutes long, they can be given as a live talk or played as an episode.

Conversation – There is a discussion after the talk where you can share your thoughts and ideas on the session’s topic. You can say anything

How can I find an Alpha near me?

Just head to Try Alpha and type in your town or postcode to find an Alpha near you – then you can contact the team running it to let them know you’re interested in coming, and they can answer any questions you might have about that course.

I’ve entered my location but I can’t see an Alpha near me?

Try selecting ‘Any’ from the ‘Start in the next’ dropdown menu. If you still can’t see an Alpha running where you are, get in touch and we’ll do all we can to help.

How much does it cost?

Alpha is completely free – and there’s no follow-up if you don’t want to come back after the first session.

How do I sign up?

Just head to Try Alpha and type in your location to find an Alpha where you are – then you can get in touch with an Alpha near you, and let them know you’re interested in coming.

How can I get in touch with someone about Alpha?

Find an Alpha near you at Try Alpha and get in touch with Alpha’s near you – or contact us to find out more about Alpha. To contact us around the globe, find Alpha in your region.

Running Alpha

How can I register my course?

Register your course by clicking ‘Build your Alpha’.

How do I promote my Alpha on

Register your course on and choose to ‘Promote’ your Alpha when signing up.

If you have already built your Alpha, select the 'Edit Alpha Details', pencil icon in the top right of your screen after logging in.

Where can I find digital materials for the Alpha Invitation?

You can download promotional materials for your Alpha here.

Where can I buy materials for the Alpha Invitation?

You can buy promotional materials for your Alpha from our Alpha shop.

Can I personalise the Invitation?

Yes, you can personalise the Alpha Invitation materials with your Alpha’s details such as name, website and address – just head to Alpha shop.

How can I train my team?

All of our training materials are online and can be downloaded for free. Head on over to and select 'Build your Alpha'.

How can I change the email address linked to my account?

You are unable at this time to edit your email address, however, you are able to create a new account with the new email address at

My question isn’t here. Who can I get in touch with?

Please contact us at if you have any further questions. Or if you’re not in the UK, connect with Alpha where you are.