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Hey students, we want to help you reach your friends! 

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At Alpha we think that Uni life provides an amazing opportunity to invite your friends to explore life’s big questions.

We realise that it’s not always easy and therefore we are thoroughly committed to providing tools so you feel supported, envisioned and equipped to discuss faith with friends on campus. We'd love to see you ‘have a go’ and become the amazing leaders we know you are.

Take a look at our simple steps that will help you run Alpha!


Step 1 — Checkout the schedule


We are so excited for you to use the Alpha Film Series! We understand that University terms don’t often allow for long courses so we want to help you tailor your course so you can run Alpha on campus. Check out our recommended schedule for more details ...


Step 2 — Hear from others


The boy at the barre // Luke's Story

Luke has been working on the career of a lifetime. Since the age of 12, he decided to have no second thoughts about chasing after the life of a ballet dancer. Whilst studying though, the novelty of a certain lifestyle path faded and he started looking for more than the sentiment of “Break a leg!”

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Students, Smores & Swansea Beach // Alpha Launch

Every year Chloe and her church, Cornerstone, go along to Freshers Fayre and invite students to #TryAlpha. But this year, they decided to do something a little different.

What do you do when your university has 'The closest campus to the beach' in the world? Well, you throw a massive beach party, obviously. Oh, and you invite the whole of Swansea too...

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Step 3 — Get trained up & register your course


Are you a student who is wondering how to get started? Or a student worker who wants to see your students become all they're called to be through Alpha? Watch our top tips for getting started and check out the latest on developing young leaders.


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