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Invite a generation to explore faith, life and Jesus.

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore the basics of the Christian faith. The Alpha Youth Film Series is made up of 12 episodes designed to engage youth in conversations about faith, life and Jesus. It's FREE to download.

You can invite your friends or your youth group to join hosts Ben and Jason as they travel the world unpacking the basics of the Christian faith. Alpha has already reached 29 million people and now we want to invite the next generation. 

This year Bear is sharing his journey to faith and inviting others to start their own. Both churches and youth all across the country are joining together to use this incredible opportunity to invite those around them to explore faith, life and Jesus. Learn more.


Alpha Youth Film Series

The Series Includes:

• Twelve 20 minute episodes
• Built-in discussion breaks
• Supporting discussion questions

The Topics Covered:

• Who is Jesus?
• How does God guide us?
• How do I pray? ... and 9 more!

It's Totally FREE!

Download the entire series along with all of the extra materials FREE in HD when you register your course.

More than just a film series ...

Each Alpha session includes food, fun, a video and discussion. Everything you need to run Alpha is instantly at your fingertips, completely free to download online. As well as the 12 videos, there are extra resources available to download including sample schedules, discussion guides, training videos, trailers, logos, customisable flyers/posters, social media images and much more! If you have any questions or just fancy a chat get in touch with Luke via the details below!



Why not invite your local school to #TryAlpha? Think of the potential as you read Ray's Story, which has resulted in 700 youth trying Alpha over the last few years. We’ve made it even easier for a school to #RunAlpha, get in touch with Luke for further details. Click below to read a snapshot of the inspiring stories of Alpha thriving with youth across the UK.

Sharing Faith with Friends // Annie and Milly's Story. Read more >

Taking Alpha into Schools // Ray's Story.  Read more >

Taking Alpha into Schools // Ray's Story.
Read more >

Exciting News ...

Since the launch of the Alpha Youth Film Series in 2013 it has been run in 49 countries, 19 languages and seen youth all over the world explore the basics of the christian faith, but that was just the beginning.

We're updating the Alpha Youth Film Series, with the renamed 'Alpha Youth Series' launching in October 2017.

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