Alpha Training


As a leader we want to support you every step of the way in preparing yourself and your team to run Alpha - with training events, videos, tips and talks. So, how can you get trained to Run Alpha? 

Step 1 - Learn the basics


Before you even start training, learn all about the essential parts of Alpha. Get an overview of Alpha and learn all about the what, the why and the how as you start planning for your Alpha. It's the perfect resource for people who are new to Alpha and have not run it before. 


Step 2 - Train yourself

In order to inspire and train your team, prepare and train yourself. Watch or download our bitesized training videos to get the need-to-know about all the different practical aspects of Alpha. 

Alpha 101: Lay the Foundation
Establishing Best Practices

This first set of videos help you understand the story behind Alpha and the key values that Alpha is built upon. They answer questions like: Why Alpha? What is the purpose of Alpha? What are the most common mistakes? This is the best place to start for anyone wanting to run Alpha.

+ Watch Video 101: Why Alpha?

+ Watch Video 102: Big Picture Overview

+ Watch Video 103: Four Foundational Values

+ Watch Video 104: An Alpha Session

+ Watch Video 105: Five Common Mistakes

Alpha 201: Create the Experience
Setting the Environment

A big part of Alpha is the unique atmosphere guests experience when they walk through the door.  Here you can explore the different elements that build a fun and welcoming environment that contributes to the overall guest experience.

+ Watch Video 201: Creating the Environment

+ Watch Video 202: Building a Strong Team

+ Watch Video 203: Food on Alpha

+ Watch Video 204: Best Ways to Promote

+ Watch Video 205: Tips for Alpha Leaders

Alpha 301: Run your Alpha
Leading the Key Elements

Discussion, prayer, worship, and the Alpha Weekend are the key elements that make up Alpha.  Here you learn how about facilitating small groups, incorporating worship, planning an Alpha Weekend, and leading a time of prayer ministry.

+ Watch Video 301: Great Small Groups

+ Watch Video 302: Integrating Worship Music

+ Watch Video 303: Introducing Prayer

+ Watch Video 304: The Alpha Weekend

+ Watch Video 305: Leading Prayer Ministry


Step 3 - Build and Train your team

One of the essential parts of running Alpha is having a great team.

You’ve registered your course, recruited your team and inspired your congregation to start inviting friends and family to try Alpha. You’re almost good to go. 
The next step is to prepare for an incredible Alpha by training your team. Alpha small groups are different from other small groups that they may have been part of before so they need to know how to run their group well. 

There is also training for how to do prayer ministry on the Alpha Weekend. It's best to do this training just before you go away together. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned Alpha leader, a regular host, or if you’re running Alpha for the first time with a group of friends in your local pub – training is the best way to bring your team together and prepare for the weeks ahead.

Watch the training videos below on small groups and prayer ministry on the Alpha weekend. These can be downloaded from Alpha Builder when you register your course.

+ Team Training 1: Essentials

+ Team Training 2: Small Groups

+ Team Training 3: Prayer Essentials