Tips for sharing the survey links

  • Only share the survey link with its corresponding participant (e.g. only share the Guest Survey link with Alpha Guests). This will help avoid any confusion for which survey the participant is supposed to complete.
  • Enlist the help of your Alpha hosts and helpers. Your Alpha hosts and helpers can remind and encourage the guests in their small group to participate in the study or even help you distribute the survey links.
  • Announce the study during your Alpha session prior to distributing the surveys. Think about a time during Alpha when you can make a verbal announcement to introduce the study to all your guests. This may be right after the video or live talk and just before you break into small group discussions, or whenever you feel you have a few moments of your guests’ undivided attention.
  • Try to talk about the study more than once. After announcing the study, we recommend making a second or even third announcement in the following weeks to remind and encourage Alpha participants to complete their survey.

  • Assure your Alpha participants that the surveys will remain anonymous. No one will look at their individual responses.

  • Alpha participants should be allowed to complete the survey on their own time when they feel most comfortable doing so. Individual participation is optional.
  • Barna Group is able to send you a custom email reminder about this study when the timing is right for you. To have an email reminder sent to you please contact Barna Group directly at with the dates of your Alpha course.

Methods for Distributing the Survey Links

  • Email the link to each corresponding participant. Please only use this method if you already have email addresses in hand for your Alpha guests. We do not recommend asking guests for their personal email address in order to send them this survey.
  • Send a private message through Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platform.
  • Print out the survey links to distribute. The survey links are accessible with any WiFi enabled device. You may want to use a shortened URL if you choose to distribute the survey link using this method so that it will be easier for the participant to type into their browser (Link to Google’s URL Shortener).
  • Print a QR code to distribute. A QR code can be scanned using a WiFi enabled tablet or smartphone with a camera and will automatically redirect the person to the online survey. You can use the link provided here to create your own custom QR code for each survey link. Please note this is a free website. You do not need to create an account or pay for the QR code (Link to QR Code Generator).