Meet our team




We work with people across the country to make Alpha accessible to anyone, anywhere, whether that’s in a local pub for a bunch of students, in a warehouse for the whole community or by creating a safe space in prisons.

We are a group of people who look to take the UK by storm by working in different areas of Alpha's mission, from engaging with churches and training leaders to event planning and design. We love to hear your Alpha stories, so let us know how you’re getting on by getting in touch with us. 

Amy Walker

Head of Regional Development
Alpha UK & Europe

Masquerading healthy treats as triple chocolate indulgences, Amy is trying to get us all on the straight and narrow. Keep your eyes peeled for her ‘great ideas’.


Christian Selvaratnam

Head of Church Planting Engagement
Alpha UK & Europe

Invite yourself round for dinner to spice up your day with an infamous curry. Avid runner Christian is York based with his wife Amanda and children.


Rebecca Hamilton

Alpha UK Manager

Unrelated to Luke, Rebecca is the neighbour to the Queen and often meets up for afternoon tea to discuss their German heritage. Or at least that’s the rumour we’re keeping up.



Will Cunliffe

UK Coordinator

On your bike Will! Regular Squash partner to the stars, Will is a keen cyclist and has recently taken on tinkling the ivories as our stand-in worship leader.



Emma Barnett

Projects and Communications Coordinator

With Emma’s career peak behind her at 7 years old, designing a logo for her primary school, she now focuses on all things language operations, making words and sentences play together nicely.


Alice Rogers

Media Coordinator

Design is in the bag. Alice is a medley of Scandinavian and Parisian influences with a Pinterest-able life based on good shapes, tones and a lyrical word balance.



Steve Page

Prisons Development Manager

Former city worker Steve knows what's what in the financial world, now investing time into our Prisons team and a keen family favourite.


Michael Roche

Catholic Context Development

Mike has one child. Sorry, two children. A third on the way? A keen Manchester United supporter (unfortunately), Mike is our resident Catholic living a punny life.




Marie Aitken

The Marriage Courses UK
Development Manager

Partial to a spa day, the pronunciation is
‘Mar-E’  of this tea fuelled human. She has her hand over all things family, don’t forget to request some of her speciality tea.



 Julia and Richard Lambert

East Midlands Regional Representatives

Having honed their almost 120 years combined experience one home-cooked meal and DIY conundrum at a time, these honorary northerners are excited to be supporting marriages in their region.


Mandy and Steve

South East Regional Representatives

Steve, the Deputy Head at Brighton College and casual Channel swimmer, plus Mandy, a St Peter's Brighton advocate, have come together to promote the merriment of 'building strong families' on the Sussex agenda.


Sarah and David

South West Regional Representatives

If you've watched the Marriage Course DVD, you may recognise royalty here. Featured in front of the Clifton Suspension Bridge - David's the one who doesn't want to get on a plane and was trying to get a kiss off his Father in Law!



Emily Spademan

Regional Coordinator The North

Often autocorrected to 'Emily Spaceman', out of this world barista-networking makes for a coffee fuelled work life balance.


Chloe Richards

Regional Coordinator Wales

Chloe knows millennials like the back of her hand. Student worker and all around networker boss, she could drive the roads of Wales blindfolded (a claim we haven’t put to the test).


Jonny Campbell

Head of Alpha Northern Ireland

If you’re looking for an idea, Jonny has a lifetime supply of lightbulbs. Based in Belfast with his wife, ask him to put on a new song or he’ll hit the replay button until it’s broken.




Paul Davie

Alpha Scotland Director

Avid cyclist Paul is the spokes person on Sundays as Preacher in Glasgow. Passionate about leadership, evangelism and seeing the church revitalised.



Dez Johnston

Youth & Young Leader Development Coordinator Scotland

Beard enthusiast Dez loves travelling around Scotland with his wife and wee one, just seeing what trouble they can get into!




Peter Anderson

Operations & Media Manager /
Alpha in the Church of Scotland Coordinator

Peter prides himself on rocking the boat with a love for Android (we’ll get him eventually) and as a Church of Scotland Elder has events and media in Scotland under his thumb.


Laura Moir

Intern Youth Development Volunteer

Kirkintilloch based Laura loves spending time with her friends and sampling all of Glasgows finest foods – essential for her role at Alpha obviously!




Josh Gilbert

Prisons Development

Honorary resident Josh has adopted a love for all things Scottish. Ask him what his favourite drink is? His favourite dish? His tartan? Wait, where do you live again Josh?  


Brenda Robertson

Regional Alpha Coordinator
(NE Scotland)

Choco-holy-ic Brenda is in the know about how to run the most successful of Alpha’s. If you want anything planned to the T and beyond you’re in the right place.