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Invite a Generation

What if 2016 was the year that every student across the UK was invited to try Alpha?

This year we want to invite a generation and we believe students are the ones to do it. Run Alpha this January term and invite your friends to come along. Alpha incites confidence: confidence to share, confidence to ask, confidence to invite. We want to see Christian students inspired, equipped and supported with Alpha in order to boldly invite their friends to meet Jesus.

If you want to be part of seeing revival on campus, join us in January 2016 alongside the
Fusion team in inviting a generation of students to try Alpha.

It's never been easier to Run Alpha with students ...

Using Alpha TV you can run Alpha anywhere, anytime, with anyone at the click of a mouse. All the resources you need for an 8 week Alpha are available to download free from Alpha Builder.

Run it (at your church / with your CU / in a café / with your housemates)* over a (coffee / take-away / pudding / three-course meal - if you’re feeling brave!).* Invite your friends / your course mates / your flatmates.*  

*Delete as appropriate. 

Click here for all you need to run Alpha. 

Get trained ... 

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Alpha Basics

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