Alpha Invitation 2019

Christmas and January resources – available NOW

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Why not? Try Alpha

The key message of this campaign is the ‘Why Not?’ approach to Alpha—we want to lower the barrier of entry for the potential Alpha guest and dispel any fear about the unknown. Alpha is for everyone; we want to reinforce that there’s no pressure, no follow up and no charge for the guest.

These invitations are designed based on the feedback of UK churches and research which shows us that 92% of guests are invited to Alpha via an in-person conversation. 65% of guests are concerned they will not fit in or will be judged at Alpha, and 56% of guests are unsure about what actually happens at an Alpha. (Global Campaign Research, Barna – March 2018)

There are 2 parts to the new invitation; one to help you promote Alpha during your busy Christmas service season, another to last the rest of 2019.

Take a tour behind the scenes with Stephen Foster to catch a glimpse of the vision for the new invitation designed with your church in mind.

What's included?

We’ve produced two new suites of Alpha Invitational resources, one to use for a Christmas only campaign, and another to begin using from now until the end of 2019. Whether you use the all year campaign, the Christmas campaign or both that’s completely up to what works for you and your church to launch your Alpha starting in the New Year!

These invitational resources are for your church to use, to mobilise your congregation to invite a potential Alpha guest and dispel myths or preconceived worries about attending. These assets include:

  • NEW Photography library

  • NEW Print assets – from business cards, postcards and posters to updated outdoor and pull up banner designs.

  • NEW Digital assets – from social media imagery to ready-to-use slides for Sunday services.

  • COMING SOON UPDATED Alpha brand and usage guidelines – for editing the resources (we recommend editing them using Adobe Acrobat Pro) to curate the content to your needs.

To access all of these items, login or register at Alpha Builder. Once you have created a course, select 'Promote’ and voila.


Where can I find what I need?

I just want the standard resources, nothing too complicated.
We've created a range of generic resources that are ready for you to preview and use. You can download the full set via Alpha Builder. 

I want to personalise the invitation resources to include my Alpha's information.
We've made it easy for you to add important information about your Alpha to the printable resources. Check out the Alpha Shop.

I want to create my own invitation resources.
We're happy to share the elements of Alpha Invitation 19 for you to create your own custom resources. To download Adobe InDesign templates, high-resolution images and Alpha brand elements, click and they’re yours!

Here to help.

We'd love to support you as you invite people to your Alpha

We know preparing to promote your Alpha takes a lot of time and effort. We want to support you every step of the way, so make sure you've signed up to receive our regular tips, tricks and training. Through emails and social media, we'll give you everything you need to make the most of the invitation resources.

Penny for your thoughts

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