Alpha Team FAQs


How do I find out everything I need to know about running Alpha?

A good place to start is by reading Alpha Basics. This will take you through the what, the why and the how of running Alpha. Once you have done this, hit Run from the top menu and sign up to Alpha Builder where you will be able to download all of the materials you need to run Alpha.  


Where do I find promotional material? 

You can buy all your promotional material from the Alpha Shop, where you can customise it for your Alpha. You can also download them for free by signing up to Alpha Builder in Run.


How do I register my course?

In order to register your course, go to Run and click "Get started". Input your Alpha details and create your Alpha. Once you have done this, select "Invite" and then "Promote on alpha.org" - you will then have the option to promote it so that it appears on alpha.org/try


How can I edit an existing Alpha?

If you already have an existing Alpha you can edit your information by logging into Run and selecting the drop-down arrow in the red banner at the top of the screen. There will be an option to select "edit" next to the Alpha that you have already created.  


Where can I find the Alpha talks?

All the Alpha talks can be watched on Alpha TV or downloaded from Run. From Run, you can find the Nicky Gumbel Gold Standard talks, the best of Alpha TV talks and the Alpha Youth Film Series.


Where can I find downloadable resources?

All of our downloadable resources can be found by logging into Run. Once you have created your Alpha you will be able to download the videos, scripts, guides and promotional materials. If you would prefer to buy your promotional materials, you can do this on the Alpha Shop.


How do I buy resources from the Alpha Shop?

You can buy resources and promotional material at Alpha Shop. If you can’t find what you’re looking for online please email us at alpha@marston.co.uk or call the Publications Hotline on +44 (0)845 758 1278. Hotline hours: Monday–Friday 8am–6pm.


Where can I find information about how to run Alpha for my audience eg Youth?

Go to Run, sign up to Alpha Builder and answer the questions to let us know about your Alpha. You’ll then get everything you need, including advice on how to run Alpha for your audience and in your context. Alpha fits any setting and is for anyone.


Where can I find all the information I need about the new branding?

Advice for how to use our branding can be found in out branding guidelines


When should I start using the new Alpha logo?

We would like people to start using the new logo as soon as possible! This will help maximise the impact of the new branding as it is used around the world.


Do we still keep using the old Alpha logo?

No, we have said goodbye to the Alpha man, he has been replaced with the red Alpha question mark. 


How do we change to the new logo?

A good start is to make a list of everywhere you currently use the old Alpha logo, for instance on your website, publicity posters, or on your Facebook page. Then, in each place, change it to the new Alpha logo as soon as you can.


How can I get help and speak to someone?

Connect with the UK Alpha team for questions about running Alpha and to find the nearest course.

For press enquiries please contact the Press Centre.

To contact the National Alpha Offices around the world, follow the global links from the top navigation or contact us.