Alpha Lounge, New Wine

Saturday, 22nd July - 5th August
The Balcony, Shepton Mallet

At New Wine and ready to grow your Alpha? Visit the Alpha team at our Lounge! 

Alpha is back with a newly designed, interactive lounge - so you, friends and family can pop in and say hello. Maybe try a hand at winning one of our Polaroid Camera prizes, then collect the latest updates on Alpha, including a 'Why Run Alpha in the Local Church' booklet.

Plus, our free giveaway of seeds will inspire you to explore where you are planting your Alpha and think about how it grows, so you can bud some fruit (or vegetables, depending on who you ask) in your community. 

The schedule of extra lounge activity consists of a conversation by a different member of our team every day at the lounge, on subjects ranging:

  • Students
  • Youth
  • Prisons
  • The Marriage Courses
  • Creating a culture of invitation 

New Wine is a festival that takes place at Shepton Mallet, just a stones throw away from the iconic grounds of Glastonbury.

Come and find out what we're on about and how we can decode Alpha to make it easy for you to run in your home, a coffee shop, pub, church... anywhere really!

We hope to see you there,
Alpha UK


Saturday, 22nd July - 5th August

The Balcony, Royal Bath & West Showground
Shepton Mallet
United Kingdom

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