Coming in 2016

Coming in 2016

2016 is shaping up to be Alpha’s biggest year yet. This is the space where we keep you up to date on everything coming your way. Are you ready?

Alpha Film Series

What is the Alpha Film Series?

The Alpha Film Series is a new resource for you to use for running Alpha. It works exactly the same as any other Alpha but, rather than watching a live or recorded talk, this takes your guests on the journey in a documentary-style format.

Featuring stories from all around the world with people from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities, the series explores the basics of the Christian faith in a way that everyone can relate to.

Anyone can use the Alpha Film Series to run Alpha. It contains 15 episodes and 2 training videos, each lasting 30 minutes. There is also a 10-minute introduction to the Alpha weekend.

What can you do to get ready?

April 2016: Alpha Film Series Launches

The first 2 episodes of the Film Series will be available to download for free from from the 14 April. Following this, 2 more episodes will be made available every week until they are all online.

April – July 2016: Read the Blogs

If you’re not planning to run Alpha in the summer term, follow the journeys of the people who are running the Alpha Film Series. We’ve got a few churches around the UK who are going to be writing a weekly blog about their experience of using it. You’ll be able to keep up to date with all that’s happening by heading to

August 2016: Register your course

In order to download the Alpha Film Series for free, register your course on Make sure you choose to promote it on so that guests searching for a nearby course can find you!

September – December 2016: Run Alpha

Use the Alpha Film Series to run your Alpha. Run it in exactly the same format as you would any other Alpha:

FOOD – This is a great way to start Alpha and allows your guests to get to know one another

TALK – Watch the Alpha Film Series episode

DISCUSSION – This is where Alpha comes alive and gives guests the opportunity and space to ask questions and discuss their thoughts.

To see what goes on behind the scenes watch the short video below.  


Alpha Invitation

We know that people are far more likely to go on Alpha when they are invited by others. And so this year, Bear Grylls, who is now one of the world’s most well-known and influential public figures is using his position to help churches across the globe invite people to try Alpha. He will be featured on all physical invitation assets and digital assets. We’d love you to be part of this in what could be Alpha’s most exciting year to date. 

What can you do to get ready? 

May 2016: Physical invitation assets are released

  1. Download your posters, postcards and banners from or buy them from
  2. Get your congregation excited and encourage them to start thinking about who they can invite to try Alpha. 

August 2016: Teaser video is released

  1. Play the Bear Grylls teaser video to your church as you prepare for your Alpha launch in the Autumn. 

September 2016: Alpha invitation launches

  1. Watch Bear Gryll's story and share on social media. 
  2. Download digital assets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Web images) from and share online. 
  3. Create a physical impact: put your Bear banner outside your church and get your congregation to invite guests using the physical invitation assets. 

Our vision is that every person in the UK is invited to #TryAlpha. Will you join us in making this invitation the most far reaching one yet? 


Sponsor a billboard

Every year Alpha purchases outdoor advertising space across cities for two weeks in September as part of the annual Invitation. This year we want to extend this reach even further by inviting churches to gather together and sponsor a billboard, bus route or bus stop. For more information on how your church can get involved email


Win a Bear Banner

Sign up here for your chance to win an Invitation Banner featuring Bear Grylls. 

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Alpha Prayer Live

“God does nothing but in answer to prayer” – John Wesley

Prayer needs to be the foundation of what we do in Alpha as without the power of God Alpha is simply a powerless tool.

Before Alpha launches in churches across the country, we need to pray. Join the nation in a night of live stream prayer on Tuesday 13th September 2016. Email to register your interest.


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Mathew & Cathy's Story

Mathew & Cathy's Story

In 2017, The Marriage Course welcomed new CEO Mathew, his wife Cathy and their children to the Alpha family. After attending The Marriage Course for the first time 16 years ago, we caught up to see the long-term impact it had on their relationship.

Bonnie's Story

Bonnie's Story

In the coffee fuelled capital and tourist-driven area of South Kensington sits the HTB and Alpha office, directly opposite the Natural History Museum, where Bonnie is at work as the Global COO for Alpha International. 

Joseph’s Story – Welcome to the family

Joseph’s Story – Welcome to the family

Lincoln residents were already exploring Alpha through the work of local churches, though there is always space for a new injection of how the needs of the community can be met through other Alpha offerings.