Meet the Heads of Alpha UK

Meet the Heads of Alpha UK

Amy Walker and Christian Selvaratnam

I love Alpha because many of my friends have come to faith because they did Alpha

What would your perfect day look like? 

C: My perfect day would be a retreat with a good book, some good coffee and time to think. 

A: It would be 35 degrees, sitting on a veranda overlooking the sea, surrounded by great friends, with an abundance of delicious food, and a chilled glass of wine. 


What makes you laugh most? 

C: People.  Honestly, I never get bored at how amazing people are.  Scratch under the surface and everyone is thoroughly entertaining. 

A: Michael McIntyre.  I once watched it with a friend who had recently had a hernia operation and we had to turn it off because we were laughing so hard.  


If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to? 

C: I’d like to meet my grandparents.  I only knew one -  think if I could meet the other 3 I’d understand myself a lot better. 

A: I'd quite like to go back to 1989 to spend time debating the big things in life with my Gran.
At that time, she was the oldest woman in South Africa to get a degree.  She was a fascinating woman and I don't think I got enough of her wisdom.  She died when I was 15. 


Who or what inspires you? 

C: People inspire me. 

A: Perhaps it's a bit soppy, but the people who inspire me most are my parents.  They always put others before themselves, they give so much more than is ever expected and have the most incredible can-do attitude to everything that is thrown at them. Dad's cooking is also pretty legendary.  


Why are you passionate about Alpha? 

C: I love Alpha.  The big picture and the millions of people that have been impacted is incredible, but mostly I love Alpha because many of my friends have come to faith because they did Alpha. 

A:  Doing Alpha at aged 16 in my parents friends' living room changed my life, and so many people I know, for the better.   It makes telling others about Jesus, so much easier. All it is, is an invitation, and anyone can do that.   


What challenges have you encountered as a leader? 

C: The greatest challenges I have faced as a leader are to do with facing my own limitations and brokenness. 

A: Being vulnerable in front of the team you lead.  It's something I was challenged to do at the beginning of this year and I'm still figuring out how that works.  I almost managed to squeeze out a tear the other day.   


What do you want to say to people running Alpha? 

C & A: Thank you for all you do to tell the UK about Jesus. We couldn't do it without you.  We are always looking to celebrate what is happening around the UK, so would love to hear your stories and those of the guests that came on Alpha.   Do let us know if there's anything we can do to support you better.  


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Amy is the Head of Alpha UK Operations and is based in the London office. Before joining the team two years ago, Amy worked in the city as a Financial Communications consultant.   

Christian is the Head of Alpha UK Regions and is based in York. Christian has been on staff for 10 years and is also a church leader. 


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