Welcome to Alpha Builder

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If you have an existing Alpha that’s running, we wanted to quickly show you how to access your Alpha materials and how to sign up for an Alpha Builder account. 


1. Go to: http://run.alpha.org.uk. You’ll be presented with a form asking for your email address.

IMPORTANT: Please use the email address that you used to login for your Alpha. If it’s the correct email for your existing Alpha, it’ll add the account and then send a verifcation email to that email address to confirm your account. Just click that link in the email, and then you’ll be able to set a password and login. 


2.     After you have successfully registered, you’ll arrive at your Dashboard. Click on the name of your Alpha, or any of the buttons beside it to access your Alpha Homepage.

3.     On your Alpha Homepage, you’ll see the details associated with your Alpha, and tab links for “Plan” (your interactive scheduling tool), “Promote” (view/download your promo materials), “Team” (recruiting/training your team), “Materials” (download your talks, training and supporting tools). You can also edit the details for your Alpha here (changing your location, start time and associated organization).

Choose “Materials” to access your Material links.

4.     Now you’re on the Materials page. You can access the 720p and 1080p versions of all of your materials and training here.

Now you can download your materials! Take a look around Alpha Builder, and be sure to watch our new Alpha Leader Training in the Training Centre on Alpha Builder.


Email us at uk@alpha.org if you have any questions or visit our new help desk over on Alpha Builder!